New Zealand Honeymoon

New Zealand, anĀ  idyllic honeymoon paradise for couples seeking a romatic getaway on their special day.

A small country on its own, yet holding many beautiful and spectacular views to make the begining of your life together a memorable one.
From luxurious boutique all suite hotels to lodges, hotels to penthouses, and beach houses you can get a good bargain on your romantic honeymoon.

Declare your undying love in an exquisite way try bungee jumping or sky diving, apart from the thrill of the jump your heart will be thumping with the abundant joy of being able to see the twinkle in your loved ones eyes. Make your honeymoon truly adventorous, try mountain climbing or hiking.

Romance at its best, enjoy the luxury beach walks with your beloved. Watch the setting sun and make a promise to be there for each other always. Enjoy white water rafting together or watching the glaciers in the wilderness of rainforests. The capital, Wellington’s harbour offers a scenic beauty to behold you, apart from the dining and shopping, so dont miss on it on your honeymoon. Champagnes and wines await to welcome you to the land of Narnia.

So behold, let the fairytale continue into your lives and delight you and your loved one, on your romantic honeymoon in Auckland.