Tahiti honeymoon

Tahiti Honeymoons - Tahiti, South Pacific Vacations

Tahiti Honeymoons – Tahiti, South Pacific Vacations

Lying south of the equator in the Pacific ocean is Tahiti, also known as French Polynesia. Romance and peace is what the romantic islands and atolls boast of.
A perfect romantic getaway, with many tailored and budgeted honeymoon deals and holiday packages made avaialable for you.

Polynesian culture mixed with a french tinge would make your honeymoon in any of the islands of Tahiti a truly intimate and memorable one. A freshly unique experience, with the taste of sea and feel of sand against the setting sun. Experience true paradise on the islands of Bora Bora, Moorea, Austral, Tuamotu and Huahine.

Choose anything from a romantic luxury resort to bungalows, family pensions to hotels on your romantic honeymoon. The islands would fascinate and reawaken all your inner senses.

Sway to the tune of tahitian dancers and enjoy french wine at its best. Sink into the delicacies varying from french cuisine, european dishes and Polynesian flavours. SpendĀ  the most memorable days of your togetherness on the pristine white beaches of the islands.

For a quiet and romantic day why not visit the Tahiti museum and black pearl museum, and then an evening stroll on the streets of Papeete. Nightclubs and bars know that you love birds are looking for some excitement, so step into your dancing shoes and reach one of the clubs on the islands with your beloved.

If you and you beloved cant take you eyes off the blue and mysterious ocean, then indulge in some romantic dolphin watching trips, sunset cruises or just go deep sea fishing. Add more adventure and try scuba diving and snorkelling and get a glance of varied species of fishes and coral reefs. Hike your way up the green valleys and mountains.

A Tahitian honeymoon vacation is something you and your beloved truly deserve.