Vietnam Honeymoon

A romantic hideaway with tropical sandy beaches, ancient history and world heritage awaits you on your honeymoon vacations in Vietnam. This culturaly amazing land is a truly impressive and exotic holiday destination.

Lushgreen vegetations, hills and mountains greets you and your beloved on your exotic honeymoon in Vietnam. Drive through Hanoi city, the budding capital. Visit Ho Chi Minh, the largest metropolitan city.

You and you beloved can spend a romantic spa honeymoon in most of the luxury accomodations in romantic Vietnam. Choose from romantic beachside resorts to luxury hotels, standard class to first class hotels. Heavy discounts are available throught out the year. YOu just need to grab the right all inclusive vacation package for Vietnam.

Visit the rice farms, paddy fields, rubber plantations be mesmerized spend your romantic evenings on the Vietnam roads exploring. A true holiday destination away from the stressful daily routine. Vietnamese villages welcomes with you open arms, english isnt widely spoken, so be sure to keep a map and road guide and language book with you. The all inclusivce packages usually takes care of all your needs.

The azure blue beaches are worth exploring, explore the sea go snorkelling with your loved one, see the maginificient coral reefs. For the adventourous try mountain biking, trekking, hiking and sea kayaking and enjoy the outdoors.

Traditional herbs, chillies, spices brings out a totally aromatic and healthy culinary delights for you and your beloved. Live and loud music it all comes alive in Vietnam bars.

Le Van Duyet Temple, Ho Chi Minh Museum, Hanoi Opera House, Cong Vien Van Hoa Park, One Pillar Pagoda, Cholon Mosque, An Quang Pagoda are some of the historical places you and your companion should visit on your Vietnam honeymoon vacation.

Take a boat trip with your loved one, capture your moments together. Visit the spectacular floating markets. Choose Vietnam for your honeymoon holiday.